Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's 5 Ingredient Fix

Fridays 5 Ingredient Fix
Hi friends I hope you all had a great week and are adjusting to the new school year that we are all about to start into.  For us, it's preschool time and that means we have a new season of change.  As I am very excited for this new school year for our oldest son "Kai" (almost 4 yrs old) I find that my days are going to look very different than they have in the past 4 years.  
How will I still get all of my daily chores done?  That I am still trying to figure out but I do know how I can make it much easier when it comes to a fast, easy and healthy dinner meal.  So I thought I would share one of the favorites in our house with you.  

"It's my Chicken and Rice Meal"
But really let me be soooooo clear when I say, I am not a good cook and I will not claim to be.  But I do love to try and I tend to find something I love and make that a LOT.  So much that the hubby and kids are asking for something else.  
And since I have not made this one in a while I thought I would share :)
I hope you enjoy and try it!
All you need to buy are 5 ingredients:
1) Chicken - I get the boneless, skinless thighs
2) Onion - I like to use the White and since I love onions I use 2 large ones
3) Mushrooms - I prefer the bulb ones
4)Rice - I use white rice, but you can use brown too 
5) THE DRESSING - this is the KEY ingredient - if you use something else it will not taste the same :) 
Here is a better picture of the Dressing.  It is called GIRARD'S Light Champagne, and it is actually found in the salad dressing section of the grocery store, but I use it as the marinade.  Make sure to buy the "Light".  If you buy the regular one, I find that it has a thick oil base to it and it does not taste quite the same :) 
The Next steps are super easy, cut up your chicken and put them in a glass dish, then cut up your onions and mushrooms and put on top of chicken.  Last shake your dressing and pour over all the ingredients in the dish.  I like to use 2 bottles of the dressing.  It makes so much extra that we have plenty for lunches and dinner throughout the week. 

Now Cook in the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour.  Cook until your chicken is moist and cooked all the way through.  While my chicken is cooking I put the rice in the rice cooker and there you have it.  Once the chicken is done, my rice is keeping warm in the rice cooker and we are ready to eat.  Oh, the house smells so good at this point too :) 
Here is your meal.  Put your rice on a plate or in a bowl, then scoop out your chicken marinade and pour over the top.  You can also add any side dish you like.  I added peaches to this meal since I already had a great mix of proteins and carbs. 

Like I said Super EASYYYYYY!!!  I hope you love it.  Let me know if you do :) I would love to hear from you! 

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