Friday, October 19, 2012

Top 5 Plants To Have in Your House!

Do you have Plants in your house?  I mean real plants that you have to water?

Trust me I know it can be SO hard...but if you can find it in your week to water them and keep them alive, the benefits are totally worth it, not just for you but for your entire family! 

On our "Family Calendar" that is on the wall in our kitchen you will find in every week a specific day that I designate as my "Water Plants Today" day of the week.  And trust me I have had to move it a few times when I just did not get around to that chore for that specific day.

But when I do, I have to say "I love It".  Here is the collection in my home so far. 

That is 8 Real Plants so far!  I used to have 2 more, but I never said I had a Green Thumb :)  
Oh, and don't be fooled, I still have a few fake ones sitting around too :) 
This picture above is all of my plants sitting in the backyard because today is "Water Plants" day.

To help you start collecting Real Plants in your home, let me give you some of the top benefits as well as the Top 5 Plants to buy!


1) Convert Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen

2) Help to remove: trichloroethylene (used in inks and paint), 
benzene (found in oils and paints), and formaldehyde (found in particle board, foam, insulation).

3) Help to trap other toxins and pollutants in the air.
4)Beautiful for decorating any space.

5)Very Cost effective on any budget.

**Plants make great gifts, especially for a baby shower :) 

Top Effective Plants to Have in Your Home:

1)Spider Plant-(Natural Air Purifier and great for your kids rooms, just keep high or hang from the ceiling - Great Baby Shower Gift)
**Not poisonous.

2)Bamboo Plant-(great for your living rooms and tables)
**Can be toxic for pets if eaten. 

3)Peace Lily - Beautiful and great for removing benzene and formaldehyde in rooms. 
**Can be poisonous to Pets, so keep on table.

4)Golden Pathos - One of my Favorites, but needs water every week for sure. **They say they are poisonous if your pet eats it but my dog and cats have never tried.

5)Corn Stalk Dracaena - Beautiful plants, I have one in my above picture.  It is the first plant starting from the left. **There are over 40 plants in this family and some are poisonous and some are not. 

If you are really concerned be sure to always check if a plant is poisonous either online, or by asking your local nursery.  I have never had a problem with my pets but if you are concerned you can ask the workers at any nursery you go to :) Also, If you would like a more in depth post on plants let me know :)   

Happy Breathing Fresh Air, and Happy Friday!      


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